Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility and CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Activities)

At Mitsu Chem, CSR is not just a commitment; it’s a deeply ingrained mission that drives our purpose. Enthusiastically, we engage in initiatives focused on education, healthcare, environmental preservation, and supporting young sports enthusiasts. Our aim is to empower, uplift, and nurture, leaving a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. Through education, we open doors of opportunity. With healthcare, we extend a helping hand and offer hope. By preserving the environment, we safeguard nature’s precious resources. And in supporting aspiring athletes, we encourage a spirit of dedication and excellence. Together, our journey of transformation is a symphony of compassion and unity. Every act of kindness adds to the tapestry of a better, brighter world.

Promotion of Health care

Mitsu Foundation has Collaborated with Shree Pragati Foundation (Hira Mongi Navneet Hospital). We have together produced substantial advances in healthcare and surgical interventions, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing community well-being.

Rural Area Development

Mitsu takes pride in its participation in the Global Kachchh Initiative. A grassroots movement led by KRIDA (Krishi Research Innovation and Development Association) and GVT (Global Vikas Trust), dedicated to seeking enduring and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the Kachchh region.

Promotion Of Sports

Mitsu is honored to support Jash Modi’s ambitions to represent India and win Olympic gold in table tennis. Jash’s incredible path carries the prospect of breaking records and bringing glory to our nation.

Promotion of Health care

Mitsu Foundation, in partnership with Shree Bhojay Sarvoday Trust Hospital, proudly orchestrated the Gynecological Surgical Camp, marked by significant participation from women. Guided by renowned physicians and skilled anesthetists, this initiative made a pivotal contribution to women’s healthcare..

Eradication of Hunger

Our team recently conducted a grain distribution drive, furnishing underprivileged families with a month’s worth of essential groceries. This initiative was designed to alleviate the pressing needs of families facing financial hardships.

Mitsu Foundation, in collaboration with the Bhojay Sarvoday Trust Hospital, successfully organized the “Gynaecological Surgical Camp 2023” on March 17th-19th, 2023, with remarkable participation by women

Mitsu is proud to be a part of Global Kachchh Initiative, a people’s movement initiated by KRIDA (Krishi Research Innovation and Development Association) and GVT (Global Vikas Trust) to find a long-term, sustainable solution to Kachchh’s woes.