CSR Activity-20-21

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Activities)

At Mitsu Chem, CSR is not just a commitment; it’s a deeply ingrained mission that drives our purpose. Enthusiastically, we engage in initiatives focused on education, healthcare, environmental preservation, and supporting young sports enthusiasts. Our aim is to empower, uplift, and nurture, leaving a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. Through education, we open doors of opportunity. With healthcare, we extend a helping hand and offer hope. By preserving the environment, we safeguard nature’s precious resources. And in supporting aspiring athletes, we encourage a spirit of dedication and excellence. Together, our journey of transformation is a symphony of compassion and unity. Every act of kindness adds to the tapestry of a better, brighter world.

Promotion of Health

Mitsu has worked with the Shree Bhojay Sarvoday Trust Hospital to spearhead numerous transformative healthcare programs. It has left a lasting positive impact on the community’s well-being.

Promotion of Education

Mitsu is deeply committed to advancing education and facilitating community development. Our collaboration with the K P Sanghvi Charitable Trust has enabled us to contribute significantly to the construction of a college and empower quality education.

Animal Welfare

Mitsu recognizes the vital role of animals, particularly cattle, in our society, serving as both livelihood sources and cultural symbols. In alignment with our commitment to their welfare, we have collaborated to champion the protection and care of these animals.

Eradicating Hunger

Our devoted team has undertaken a compassionate initiative, the Grain Distribution Drive. A noble mission of providing essential groceries to underprivileged families, ensuring their sustenance for an entire month.