About Us

We mold innovation, we shape discovery, and most significantly, we bring forth continuous transformation. We are Mitsu Chem Plast Limited, a leading manufacturer of world-class plastic blow-molded and injection-molded products.

Established in the year 1990, Mitsu Chem has emerged as the most promising player, growing by leaps and bounds. The modest beginning years ago with a very small working place, limited production capacity, and very few resources at hand has transformed at an enormous pace, positioning us as the leading manufacturer of a wide range of products in blow molding, injection molding, and customized molding (combination of processes) catering to specific customer needs. The vision of Mitsu Chem got its way through the strong belief of the three defining forces, the Dedhia Brothers; their determined dedication revolutionized the small-scale family business into a renowned professional entity. The team of skilled individuals, well-equipped operating units, advanced technologies, and manufacturing solutions further strengthened the foundation, enabling us to serve clients with superior-quality solutions.

Mitsu Chem started its journey with a small manufacturing unit in Tarapur in 1990. Moving forward in our endeavor to grow, in early 2007, we added another manufacturing unit in Tarapur that catered to niche products. A state-of-the-art manufacturing unit was then established in Khalapur in the year 2019. Since its inception, we have grown extensively in size and ideology, which has allowed us to deliver clients with superior-quality solutions. We have evolved drastically in manufacturing capacity and manufacturing space as well. It’s been 32 years since the day we began. A lot has changed since then; we have evolved in every possible aspect and dimension, but a few things remain unchanged: our distinctive core philosophies, distinguished motives, and most significantly, our driving force and core goal—customer success.

To Challenge Ourselves Continuously To Innovate And Create Value For People Associated With Us Beyond Their Expectations And Become One Of The Finest Global Company.

since 1990