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Since our Company’s inception, we have focussed on harnessing our maximum potential, while diversifying our offerings. We nurture social well-being by operating without disturbing the environment. As one of the leading manufacturers in variety of plastic components, we try to reduce our carbon footprints on the environment. In this direction, we installed energy-efficient equipments across manufacturing levels and brought in additions to our mechanical processes, also helping us attain operational excellence.

At Mitsu Chem, we believe a path led by the core idea of sustainability acts as a game changer for businesses. Led by this belief, we encourage and follow the ‘Go Green’ initiative persistently. Thus, utilising resources sustainably and providing environment-friendly products. Additionally, basis our innovation and farsightedness, we strive to stay ahead of competition and ensure relevance of our offerings at all times. Our road map encompasses all of these aspects and emphasises on maintaining business stability & sustainable growth, creating value for/within our stakeholders’ best interest. Thus, driving innovation & growth, sustainably, backed by value-creation and excellence.

Environmental, Social And Governance

Embedding ESG and sustainability principles throughout the operation process, and the business systems at large is central to Mitsu Chem’s endeavors, aimed at being admirable stewards of clients. The company is driven by the desire to act responsibly and bring positive change to its surroundings. A changing economic landscape, powered by technology, has brought significant transformations around the world. It emphasised that some form of intersection between society, companies, investors, and governments is crucial to perpetuating economic stability and success.

Energy Conservation

Mitsu Chem is committed to substantially decreasing organization’s carbon footprints and generating a positive impact on the environment and society. In order to accomplish this, the company has taken proactive measures to recognize and tackle crucial areas in line with its vision

Following are some of the initiatives that the company undertook to fulfill it’s organizational goals.

  • Installation of energy-efficient equipment and technological equipment to save energy 
  • Addition of a controller to the machine, to switch-off automatically during idle load, which saves power consumption
  • Installed harmonic filter for reducing the power factor and conversion
  • Replaced all metal halide lights, sodium vapour lights, PLC power lights with LED lights and motion sensor lights
  • Used transparent polycarbonate sheets for roofing at workplace for natural light penetration and increase in day lights for plants
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Rain Water Harvesting

Post - Consumer Resin

Mitsu Chem acknowledges the importance of transformation and adaptation for a sustainable future. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, the company is actively prioritizing eco-friendly practices and products. Mitsu Chem is dedicated to reducing waste generation and has adopted post-consumer resin, repurposing recycled plastic for its products. Additionally, the company implements a robust reduce and reuse system, reclaiming materials like pinch-off and in-house rejects through grinding in the molding process.

Zero - Liquid Discharge

The Company measures its relevance by the value it creates for the environment. Therefore, it uses septic tank for sewage wastewater, wherein, the water, is further utilised for gardening. Thus, reducing the business’ dependence on fresh water.

Tree Plantation Drive

World Environment Day was commemorated with a tree planting initiative led by our Director and newly joined members at Mitsu Chem.

To encourage green environment, on Women Day, we inaugurated Green House on the terrace of our Unit II factory for farming.

Mitsu Chem’s tree plantation drive was a great initiative towards creating a greener environment, and it was heartening to see the employees.