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Workplace Safety: A Commitment to Employee Well-being

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily operations, the paramount importance of workplace safety must never be underestimated. Here at our factory units, we hold in high regard the well-being of our employees, recognizing it as a fundamental priority. Each year, during National Safety Week, we embark on a collective journey to underscore the significance of safety, cultivating a culture that places the welfare of our workforce at the forefront.

The commencement of our National Safety Week celebrations began with the distribution of Safety Badges to all employees in the morning. Gathering at the assembly point, our Safety Officer, Mr. Tridev Katre, delivered an address to highlight the importance of National Safety Day and Week, delving into its history and significance. This year’s theme, “Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence,” was emphasized, setting the tone for our activities.

The raising of the Safety Flag was conducted by Mr. Shailesh Naik, accompanied by insights from Mr. Mahesh Mishra on the management’s perspective regarding safety protocols, including the essential practice of wearing safety shoes and maintaining focus during machine operations.

Mr. Tridev Katre continued to enlighten employees with safety suggestions and awareness initiatives, emphasizing the importance of workplace safety practices throughout the factory premises

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A total of 500 safety badges, bearing the theme of the 53rd National Safety Week Campaign 2024, were distributed among our employees, intended to be worn as a constant reminder of our commitment to safety.

In the spirit of creativity and engagement, a Rangoli Competition involving 17 employees from both Unit-I and II was organized, with participants crafting rangolis inspired by the theme of safety. Additionally, a Poster Competition saw the involvement of 7 employees from the two units, creating posters centered around safety awareness.

Celebrating Women’s Day, 12 ladies from Unit-I and 35 from unit-II participated in an event aimed at honouring their contributions. Chairman Mr. Jagdish Dedhia and Mr. Prakash shared insights on women empowerment, underlining its significance in both family and society. To commemorate the occasion, snacks were provided, and each lady received a token of appreciation.

The festivities culminated in a closing ceremony and award distribution. Mr. Pankaj Gharat, our General Manager, adjudicated the winners of the Rangoli and Poster competitions. The top three winners in each category were recognized and rewarded, with gifts also extended to all participants in line with our employee engagement initiatives.

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By fostering a culture of safety and inclusivity, we reaffirm our commitment to the well-being of our workforce, ensuring a conducive and secure working environment for all.

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