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Healthcare Furniture

Make in India,’ the new buzz word for the Indian economy is a perfect fit for Mitsu Chem as regards its manufacturing of hospital furniture. Mitsu Chem continues to extend customised delivery solutions and accessible post sales service at a time when there is a growing need for quality medical furniture and a clamour for professional services. The modules manufactured by the company provide a very convenient import substitute (saving valuable foreign exchange!), being high quality and ergonomically designed, they are very well accepted by the Indian healthcare industry, with a strong potential for exports. For instance, the Mitsu Chem’s ABS panels are in a position of market leadership, with a domestic market share of over 60%. Products offer pleasing aesthetics and finish; they can be customised to suit designs, decor and colour schemes. Further, a well-engineered combination of material use not only makes the products sturdy, but also extremely easy to assemble and dismantle.