Its Christmas Time!

Mitsu HO brought in the Christmas celebration on 24th Dec 2016 with tons of laughter, frollic and enthusiasm. The two hour activity time was filled with games, food & gifts. The dress code for the day was Red & Black. Going with the theme, office was decorated with Christmas blings, lights and posters. Mrs Ruchi hosted the event with 1 minute games for everyone such as blowing the plastic glass, tying the rubber bands and folding papers. With a lot of chaos, we managed to get winners for all the three games, they were Mrs Somal, Mr Dilip and Mrs Kavita respectively. Post which we ate yummy Christmas snacks & cake. HR had organised a secret santa event. All of the employees names were placed into a box and mixed up. Each person then chose one name from the box, but didn’t tell anyone which name was picked. He/she was then responsible for buying a gift for the person selected. The gifts were distributed that day and it was wonderful to see everyone excited to open their presents. It was a pleasure celebrating Christmas with office colleagues.