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  • Code No : MSB
  • Available Colours : Orange
  • Accessories : With 3 Belts

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Mitsu takes pride in its Spine Board, the sole manufacturer in India, proudly adorned with the esteemed CE certification and meticulously crafted in strict accordance with European Standards. Designed to endure rigorous conditions, this exceptional Spine Board boasts a robust construction capable of withstanding up to 300 kgs, providing a reliable platform for patients with suspected spinal or limb injuries.

Engineered with precision, our Spine Board features three belts and purpose-built grooves that ensure secure and stable patient positioning during transportation. Mitsu’s Spine Board, remarkable rigidity not only guarantees a long lifespan but also contributes to its lightweight nature, making it effortlessly portable for emergency responders and healthcare professionals.

Beyond its core functionality, our Spine Board offers additional advantages that elevate its performance. It floats effectively, making it an invaluable asset in water rescue scenarios. Resistant to bumps and corrosion, it maintains durability in challenging environments. The Spine Board’s non-absorbent properties ensure it does not retain liquids, making the spine board immune to infiltration and facilitating easy cleaning with just water and soap.

Translucency and homogeneity with X-ray imaging further enhance the diagnostic capabilities of medical professionals. The Spine Board’s seamless molding eliminates any risk of fluid ingress, aligning with the highest standards of hygiene essential in medical applications.

Prioritizing safety, our Spine Board avoids splintering and cracking, offering rigid support during the movement of patients with suspected spinal or limb injuries. Tailored for the needs of ambulance services and lifeguards, it excels in strength, user-friendliness, and compliance with exacting global medical standards.

In conclusion, our CE certified Spine Board represents the epitome of innovation in healthcare plastic parts and hospital furniture. Its multifaceted design, durability, and adherence to global standards position it as a preferred choice for emergency responders and healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal support for patients with suspected spinal or limb injuries.


  • CE certified Spine Board- In line with European Standard.
  • With stands up to 300 kgs.
  • Available with 3 belts and grooves to hold the board
  • Rigidity- Long Life and Light
  • Light to carry.
  • Floatation.
  • Resistance to bump and corrosion.
  • Does not absorb Liquids.
  • Immune to infiltration.
  • Easy to clean (Water and soap are enough).
  • Translucent.
  • Homogeneity with X- Ray.
  • Seamless moulding to eliminate ingress of fluid.
  • Avoids splintering and cracking.
  • Rigid Support During Movement of a Patient with Suspected Spinal or Limb Injuries
  • Ambulance Services and Lifeguards.
  • Better in Strength, User Friendly and Comply with Exacting Global Medical Standards.