Promotion of Health Care-21-22 Shree Pragati Foundation’s

Promotion of Health Care

Mitsu has joined forces with the Shree Pragati Foundation’s (Hira Mongi Navneet Hospital) to spearhead advancements in healthcare and facilitate the construction of a cutting-edge laboratory facility that will serve the community. Together, we are resolute in our mission to enhance healthcare access and infrastructure, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for individuals. This collaborative effort underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of society.
Recognizing the critical importance of quality healthcare, Mitsu and the Shree Pragati Foundation have united in a shared vision to make a lasting impact on the community. By channelling our resources and expertise, we aim to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities that will revolutionize healthcare delivery and elevate standards of treatment.
At Mitsu, we firmly believe in the power of collaborations that leverage collective strengths to drive meaningful change. By teaming up with the Shree Pragati Foundation, we are combining our respective expertise and resources to transform healthcare infrastructure and contribute to the welfare of the community we serve. Together, we will not only enhance healthcare access but also empower individuals to lead healthier lives. Through this collaborative effort, we aspire to inspire other organizations to come forward and contribute to the improvement of healthcare infrastructure and services.