The Future is Better, The Future is Bigger, The Future is Mitsuchem Plast Ltd

With continuous efforts and strong-will power, we are growing into a bigger company. We all are aware about the listing ceremony of our company in BSE SME exchange. On 09/09/2016, at 9.15am, Mitsu Directors rang the gong in BSE, and Mitsu went live on the stock market. It was a successful ceremony graced with dignatories from BSE India Ltd, Aryamaan Capital Financial Services Ltd and our esteemed customers, vendors, investors and family. About 150 guests adorned the event by their presence. The lamp was lit by our directors and their family to start the ceremony on an auspicious note. As a token of appreciation to the dignatories, a certificate of ‘Grow Trees’ under their name was distributed instead of standard flower bouquets. A total of 9 trees were planted in the Chintamani Gardens of Karnataka. Mitsu never fails to serve for the environment even in occasions like these!

Moving on, there were trophies exchanged and guests from Aryamaan and BSE were honored for their contribution towards the listing of Mitsu. Later on, there were speeches by our Directors about our company. Mr Jagdish Dedhia spoke about how he started Mitsu, what challenges he had to face and how his journey of 26+ yrs in Mitsu has been. Mr Sanjay Dedhia explained about Mitsu’s product categories, the new product developments and our philosophy of continuous innovation. Mr Manish Dedhia gave out some facts and figures of finances with our long term goals and ended with vote of thanks. The event came to an end with snacks and delights for everyone. It was a great show with support from all the core team of Mitsu. It was surely a big day for Mitsu! Loads of Luck to Mitsu!