8th March Celebrations!

8th March is marked as International Womens Day. It was celebrated in grandeur in HO and factory. There was a different kind of celebration at both the workplace. In factory, all the women staff were gathered and a small Haldi-Kumkum ceremony took place. A games round of musical chair was played to entertain the crowd. Few employees of Mitsu shared few thoughts on the role of women in their lives through their sister, mother, daughter, wife and friend. Concluding the event, Sanjay Sir distributed gifts to the women as a token. In HO, the ladies were dressed in gowns to enhance their self-esteem and inner-beauty. There was a small function in the evening to celebrate this special day. There was a group discussion about how in today’s world, women is capable of doing anything, be it with regards to excelling at a sport or running a business. Everyone even committed themselves to one thing they would change about themselves.We are glad everyone participated in the gathering actively and enjoyed the special day.