Shop floor and Safety Training

There were several type of training that took place in the last quarter such as shop-floor training for our employees for better process improvement and Safety training for workers for better and safe working activities.

We have also started with two initiatives - Best Kaizen implementation, in which Mr Bipin Kumar Ram from Production Team was felicitated for his efforts towards implementing Kaizen effectively. And another concept of “Suggestions” is started in which everybody is free to provide suggestions for any processes/ ways of how things are done and the best suggestion is selected for the quarter. There were many entries for this category. Out of all, Mr. Siddharth Save from HR gave the Best Suggestion of having hoods/ caps as a part of the uniform for workers and staff, so that they do not forget to wear them in shop floor areas and also there is less wastage of plastic disposable caps. This idea is being considered by the seniors for implementation from next year with new outfits for workers and staff in manufacturing units. Mr Siddharth was felicitated by Naik sir.